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Hausa Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2008  
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General Comments

Question 1

A.     The importance of patriotism

          Muhimmancin kishin kasa

B.     My opinion on single term for political leaders in this country.

          Mayar da shugabancin kasa kamu daya ya dace a ra’ayina.

C.       My hero


D.       Write a letter to your friend, telling him how you will spend your holidays while waiting for your result.

E. Half a loaf is better than none

Guntun gatarinka ya fi sari ka ba ni







A.The candidates were expected to write on the importance of being a patriotic Nigerian.  In attempting the question, candidates were expected to give a brief explanation on who is a patriotic Nigerian, what makes him patriotic etc.  However, for one to be patriotic he should among others dissociate himself from bribery and corruption, pay his tax promptly respect the law of the land, dissociate and discourage others from smuggling for economic development etc.
Few candidates attempted the question and their performance was fair.

B. The question above is an argumentative essay where candidates were required to say their opinions on single tenureship for political leaders in this country.  Very few candidates attempted the question and their performance was poor.

C.The question above is a descriptive essay, the candidates were expected to define what a hero is, take a hero of their choice and write on him/her based on his/her bravery, goodness or great ability.  Many candidates attempted this question and their performance was encouraging.

D. Rubuta wasika zawa ga abokinka, ka bayyana masa yadda za ka yi hutunka na jiran sakamakon jarrabawa.

 This question is a letter writing, (informal) the candidates were expected to write an informal letter using the following format:

(i) Address of the writer
(ii) Salutation
(iii) Introduction
(iv) Content
(v) Conclusion

The content of the letter which way include the following points:

(i) when to travel
(ii) name of place to visit
(iii) activities to be undertaken like visitations to places of interest like zoo, airport, recreation centres etc.  Learning trade like Carpentary, Mechanics or learning computer operation, etc.

Many candidates attempted the question and their performance was fair.

E. Above is a proverb, it requires the candidates to explain it’s meaning, narrate a story that will end with that proverb and mention other proverbs of it’s equivalent, e.g

(i) Da babu gara ba dadi.
(ii) Kwai a baka ya fi kaza a akurki.
(iii) Da sandar hannunka ka ke jifa. Etc.



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