Hausa Paper 2, May/June 2011  
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General Comments
Question 3

Kawo misalai uku-uku na wadennen :
  (i)           dan hanka
  (ii)           don han do
(iii)         sauti mai ziza
  (iv)         tsayau
(v)          zuzau
Mention three (3) examples of sounds for each of the following:
(i)         dan hanf<a (Alveolar)
(ii).         don handa (velar)
(iii)       sauti mai ziza (voiced sound)
(iv)         tsayau (plosive)
(v)          zuzau (Fricative)


This is also a question on phonology and it required the candidates to mention examples
of sounds on each of the above mentioned places of articulation.
e.g. (i)    cfan hanka: It!, Id/,/lI, Is/, d.s
   (ii)          dan handa: IkJ, Ig/, Ikw/, Il<y/, d.s
  (iii)         sauti mai ziza: Ib/, 16/, 1m! /d/, d.s.
   (iv)         tsayau:/b/, It!, /d/, Ik/, d.s
   (v)          zuzau :/s/, Iz!, /h/, /fI, d.s
Few candidates attempted the question and their performance was not encouraging.

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