Health Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments

Question 1

1  (a) (i) List three types of family[3 marks ]
(ii) State four characteristics of a happy family [4 marks ]
(iii) State five problems associated with the family [5 marks ]

(b) (i) State two roles each played by the father, mother
and children in a family[ 6 marks ]
(ii) State two reasons why family planning is important. [ 2 marks ]




This question was attempted by many candidates and their performance was fairly good. In part (a) (i) candidates correctly listed types of family, in (a) (ii) candidates also correctly stated characteristics of a happy family, in (a) (iii) candidates also listed problems associated with the family correctly. In part (b)(i) candidates correctly stated roles played by the father, mother and children in a family and in (b) (ii) candidates also correctly stated reasons why family planning is important.

However, the expected answers were as follows:
1(a)(i) Types of family
-nuclear family
extended family
monogamy/monogamous family
polygamy/polygamous family
single parent family.

(ii)  Characteristics of happy family
love/companionship/live in harmony
commitment/appreciation/respect to each other
care/support to one another
spending time together/mutual understanding
open channel of communication.

(iii) Problem associated with family
broken home/death of one of the parents/divorce
health/economic/financial problem
social problem/unfaithfulness
frustration from extended family
emotional problem/incompatibility/lack of affection/ infertility.

(b) Roles played by the father, mother and children in a family Father
he protects all members of the family/security to the family
he also provides basic needs/other needs for the family
he finalizes decision in the family as the head
he gives instructions to children land make sure the instructions are adhered to by the
he gives religious/moral guide to the family
provides education for the children.

she takes good care of the home
preparation of food for the family
cleaning of the home and its environment
she also gives instructions and assign duties to children, especially domestic work
she gives religious/moral direction to the children.
perform duties assigned to them by parents
cleaning of home and surrounding
learning food preparation and other domestic work like craft, farming and
strictly obey instruction from the parents
takes moral/religious guidance from parents.

(ii) Reasons why family planning is important
to meet economic/social well-being/good education
to develop health children
good child spacing/avoid unwanted pregnancy
to reduce poverty
to improve standard of living
to improve health of the parents especially mother.




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