Health Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec.2010  
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Question 2

Question 2
2 (a) (i) Draw and label the female urinogenital system [ 8 marks]
(ii) What is sexually transmitted disease? [ 2 marks]
(iii) Name two sexually transmitted diseases. [2 marks]

(b) State one function each of the following parts associated with the neurone:
(i) axon;
(ii) myelin sheath;
(iii) node of ranvier;
(iv) dendrite.[4 marks]

(c) State four ways of preventing the spread of HIV / AIDS.[4 marks]




   This question was attempted by many candidates and their performance was fairly good. In part (a)(i) few candidates correctly drew and labelled the female urinogenital system, in (a)(ii) many candidates correctly defined sexually transmitted diseases and in (a)(iii) many candidates correctly named sexually transmitted diseases. In part (b) few candidates correctly, state function of the following parts associated with the neurone(i) axon(ii) myelin sheath (iii) node of ravier (iv) dendrite.
In part (c) candidates correctly stated ways of preventing the spread of HIV / AIDS.
However, the expected answers were as follows:

2(a)(i) Diagram of female urinogental system

Labels - 8 x1/2= 4 marks
Clarity of line = 1 mark
Accuracy Details
(i) funnel shows = 1 mark
[ii] Bean shaped kidney= 1 mark
Size 10 - 12cm = 1 mark

Spelling must be correct to 'score
I           kidney
II      Ureter
III      Fallopian tube/Oviduct
IV      Fallopian Funnel
VI      Uterus/Womb
VII      Vulva
VIII      Vagina
IX       Cervix
X        Urinary Bladder
XI       Urethra.
V           Ovary
(ii) Sexually transmitted disease
transmission of communicable disease
by intercourse/sexual contact
(iii)    Sexually transmitted disease
- gonorrhoea
- syphilis
- Chancroids
- Genital warts
- Genital herpes
- Chlamydia
Spelling must be correct to score.
(b)    Function of axon, myelin sheath, node of ranvier and dentrite
Function of axon

carries impulse away from the ell body
Function of myelin sheath
transmission of nerve impulses/insulates axon
Function of ranvier
speeds up transmission of nerve impulses
Function of dendrite
carry impulses to the cell body
(c) Ways of Preventing the spread of HIV!AIDS
be faithful to partner
use of condom
sterilization of hypodermic needles
avoid sharing of blades/sharp objects/brushes
avoid deep kissing with strangers
screen blood before transfusion


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