Health Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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Question 5

5. (a) State one contribution each of the following pioneers in Health Science:
              (i)          Sir Alexander fleming;
              (ii)        Williams Harvey;
              (iii)       Sir Ronald Ross;
              (iv)       Sir Louis Pasteur;
              (v)        Edward Jenner.                                                                    [ 5 marks]

(b)(i) Draw the life cycle ofthe parasite that causes bilharzias [ 5 marks]
(ii) Mention two symptoms of bilharzias [ 2 marks]
(iii) State five ways of controlling the incidence of bilharzias [ 5 marks]

(c) State three ways of controlling leprosy [ 3 marks]




This question was attempted by few candidates and their performance was poor. In part (a) candidates could not correctly state contribution of the following pioneers in Health science (i) Sir Alexander Fleming (ii) William Harvey (iii) Sir Ronald Ross (iv) Sir Louis Pasteur (v) Edward Jenner. In part (b)(i) candidates could not correctly draw the life cycle of the parasite that causes bilharzias, in (b)(ii) candidates could not correctly mention symptoms of bilharzias, in (b)(iii) candidates could not correctly state ways of controlling the incidence
of bilharzias. In part (c) candidates correctly stated ways of controlling leprosy.

However, the expected answers were as follows:
5(a) Contribution of the following pioneers to health science
           (i)          Sir Alexander Fleming
discovered penicillin
           (ii)         William Harvey
discovered that blood circulates in the body
           (iii)        Sir Ronald Ross
discovered the malaria parasite in the blood
           (iv)       Sir Louis Pasteur
preservation of milk/beer by pasteurization
           (v)         Edward Jenner
- discovered vaccination and immunization against diseases.

(b)(i) Life cycle of the parasite

NB: Indication of correct direction oftransmission

(ii) Symptoms of Bilharzia
blood in urine/faeces
lower abdominal pain
itching of the skin

   (iii)      Ways of controlling the incidence of bilharzia
proper disposal of faeces/urine
water snails should be destroyed/with molluscide
drinking water/bathing water should be cleaned/boiled
wearing of rain boots or gloves should be a rule where bilharzias is prevalent
swimming pool should be disinfected
proper sanitation within living environment
health education/instruction should be given to population on how to avoid being infected

(c) Ways of controlling leprosy
isolate the leprosy patient/leper
people in contact with the patient should be medically examined regularly
improve on personal hygiene/communal hygiene
improved diet.

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