Health Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2013  
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Question 4

The diagram below is an illustration of the vertical section through the human skin.

       Study it carefully and use it to answer questions 4(a),(b) and (c).

 Name the parts labelled I and IV.                                               [ 2 marks ]


  1.  Name two stimuli which may be detected by                      

The part labelled II .                                                                      [ 2 marks]

    •  State three functions of the organ illustrated in the diagram      [ 3 marks ]


This question was  attempted by many candidates and their performance was good.
     In part(a), candidates correctly named the parts labelled I to IV of the vertical section
     through the human skin.
    In part (b) candidates also correctly named stimuli which may be  detected by the part
    labelled II.  In part (c) candidates also stated functions of the organ
     illustrated in the diagram.

    The expected answers  are as follows:
4 (a)    Naming the parts labelled
          I         -         sweat pore
          II        -         nerve ending
          III       -         sebaceous gland
          IV       -         erector muscle
(b)      stimuli which the part labelled II enables the organ to detect
          -         temperature/heat/cold
          -         pressure
-         pains
-         touch

(c)      Functions of the organ illustrated above
          -         temperature regulation/heat gain and loss
           -         synthesis of vitamin D
           -         excretion of waste products/sweat/urea
           -         protects the tissue/protects body by its thickness/pigmentation/
                     prevents entry of microbes
           -         acts as a sensory organ





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