Health Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2013  
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General Comments

Question 6

    List four regions of the vertebral column                              [ 4 marks ]

    State four causes of infertility in women                              [ 4 marks ]

    Distinguish between contraception and conception            [ 2 marks ]




    This question was  attempted by many candidates and their performance was fair.  In part (a) candidates correctly listed the regions of the vertebral column.  In part (b) candidates could not correctly state causes of infertility in women.  In part (c) candidates could not correctly distinguish between contraception and conception

The expected answers are as follows:
6 (a)   Regions of the vertebral column

  • cervical/neck
  • thoracic/chest
  • lumbar/abdominal cavity/back
  • sacrum/sacral
  • coccyx/coccygeal/fused caudal

 (b)     Causes of infertility in women
          -         irregular ovulation/menstrual cycle/hormonal dysfunction
          -         malformed oviduct
           -          abnormal uterus
          -         wrong use/side effect of pills /drug abuse
           -          permanent contraceptive method/tubal ligation
           -          several malnutrition
           -          chronic infection/pelvic inflammatory disease(PID)
           -          incompatibility of couples
           -          blockage of fallopian tube
           -          fibroid
(c)      Difference between contraception and conception
            -    Contraception is a process that prevents fertilization/the fusion of the ovum and spermatozoon. 
           -     While conception is the process that allows fertilization/the fusion of the ovum 
                 and spermatozoon.














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