Health Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2013  
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General Comments

Question 5
  1.   Name the four types of tissues in the body                                [ 4 marks ]
  2.   Name three structures that form the urinary system                       

  and state one function of each of the structures                        [ 6 marks ]





    This question was attempted and their performance was fair.  In part (a) candidates correctly name the types of tissue in the human body.  In part (b) candidates also correctly named structures that form the urinary system but candidates could not state function each of the structures stated in (b) above.

The expected answers are as follows:

5 (a)  Types of tissues in the body

  •  epithelial
  •  connective
  •  Muscular/muscle
  •  Nervous/nerve

   (b)  Structures that form the urinary system

              -    kidney
              -    ureter
              -    bladder/urinary bladder
              -    urethra
(c)      Function of structures of the urinary system
         (i)    Function of the kidney
                -    formation of urine/osmoregulation/removal of metabolic waste products

     (ii)   Function of the ureter
           -    conveys urine from the kidney to the bladder

    (iii)   Function of the urinary bladder

  • collects/stores/eliminates urine when necessary

    (iv)   Function of the Urethra
-    Conveys urine from the bladder to the outside














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