Health Education Paper 2 May/June 2015


                  The  candidates’ weaknesses include their inability to

  • write the question answered on a page
  • understand the question asked
  • express themselves in simple English Language
  • understand the subject terms
  • write legibly
  • write correct spellings
  • state deficiencies of sodium in humans
  • state roles of an orthopaedic hospital
  • state ways of preventing tooth decay in humans
  • state characteristics types of teeth in humans e.g. molar, premolar, canine and incisor
  • describe an experiment to test for protein in a food substance using Million’s reagent
  • name vitamin obtained from food substances e.g. yeast, unpolished rice and  pam oil  
  • give examples of natural food substances that contain iron
  • state effects of incorrect posture on, physical appearance and body organs
  • state functions of the hormones in humans
  • name stage of personality development in humans
  • state characteristics of the stages of personality development
  • state disadvantages of teenage pregnancy
    The following remedies were suggested to overcome these weaknesses:

  •         teachers should teach student how to answer question
  • -           questions should be understood by students before answering them
    -           english Language teachers should pay attention to spelling mistakes and make necessary corrections
    -           students should also make use of the dictionary whenever they come across new words or terms.
    -           students should also read extensively to cover the WAEC syllabus
    -           students should pay attention to details