Health Science Paper 3, Nov/Dec 2013  
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General Comments

Question 3
  1. (a)   (i)   Draw a diagram to illustrate the life cycle of a mosquito                    [ 7 marks ]
           (ii)   Describe briefly how malaria is spread                                              [ 4 marks ]

    (b)   State three symptoms of malaria                                                             [3 marks ]

    (c)    Explain the following terms:
            (i)   transmission route;
           (ii)   susceptible host.                                                                                [6 marks]




This question was attempted by many candidates and their performance was poor.  In part (a)(i) candidates could not properly draw the diagram to illustrate the life cycle of a mosquito and in (a) (ii) candidates could not correctly describe how malaria is spread.  In part (b) candidates correctly stated symptoms of malaria.  In part (c) candidates could not correctly explain the following terms:  transmission route and susceptible host..


The expected answers are as follows:

3(a)(i)     Diagram of life cycle of mosquito and labelled stages    









    Accuracy   -   larva, pupa and imago must be segmented   - 1   mark
                                 -   breathing tubes indicated in larva and pupa  -  1 mark         
               Correct direction of arrows   -   1 mark
               Labelling   -:

                I   -    egg
               II   -    larva
              III   -    pupa
              IV  -     imago/adult
               *When diagram is absent mark the listed stages and arrows

(ii)      How malaria is spread

  • bites from infected mosquito
  • female anopheles mosquito
  • bites an infected person
  • taking in the malaria parasite/plasmodium
  • it transfers the parasite
  • as it bites another person

 (b)   Symptoms of malaria

  •  urine turns yellow
  •  cold or chill
  •  shivering sets in/occurs
  •  high temperature/fever/sweating
  •  headache
  •  pains at the joints
  •  fatigue sets in/tiredness/weakness
  •  vomiting may occur
  •  loss of appetite
  • anaemic condition

(c)    Explanation of terms

  • Transmission route


This is the point/area of entry of pathogens of a particular diseases into a person

(ii)      Susceptible host
            A person who is easily infected by an infectious agent which causes a particular

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