Health Science Paper 3, Nov/Dec 2013  
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General Comments

Question 5
  1.   Mention three methods each for the disposal of:

(i)    refuse;                               
(ii)   sewage.                                                                               .                 [6 marks]

  1.  Differentiate between sewage and refuse                                                  [2 marks]
  2.  Explain the following terms as used in family life education


  •  Broken home;
  •  Single parenting                                                                               [4 marks]
  • 4.  State one reason each for the use of the following contraceptive methods:
  •   Condom;
  •   Vasectomy;
  •   Intra-uterine device.                                                                   [3 marks ]
  •   State five factors that can promote sleep                                               [ 5 marks ] 


 This question was attempted by many candidates and their performance was good.  In part (a)(i) candidates correctly mentioned methods for the disposal of refuse and sewage and in (a) (ii) candidates could  not correctly differentiate between sewage and refuse.  In part (c) some candidates correctly explained broken home and single parenting as terms used in family life education.  In part (d) many candidates missed the track as they wrote that it is used to prevent urine, to prevent contraception for contraceptive methods.  In part (e) candidates correctly stated factors that can promote sleep although, few of them wrote wrong answers such as drinking a lot of water, intake of too much drugs and excessive intake of alcohol as factors that can promote sleep.

However, the expected answers are as follows:


    5(a)(1)  Methods for disposal of refuse

  • dust-bin/waste bin/nylon bag
  • use of incinerator/burning
  • burying
  • dumping at pit/dump site
  • compost making
  • pulverization
  • sanitary land fill

(ii)      Methods for disposal of sewage

  • use of pit latrine
  • bucket latrine
  • water system/lavatory/water closet
  • mobile toilet
  •  burying
  •  recycled as fertilizer


  (b)     Sewage is a collection of  wet or liquid waste/matter from homes/factories/towns  

            Refuse is all solid waste materials from homes/industries/towns


(c)      Explanation of  terms as used in family life education
         (i)   Broken home

                Is the permanent separation of married couples/husband and wife due to
                conflict/disagreement within a family setting.                                             


        (ii)   Single parenting  

                       This is a situation in which only one of the parents assume total responsibility for
               the child or children
(d)      Reason for the use of the contraceptive methods

  •   Use of condom


   -   to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STI)
  -    to prevent unwanted pregnancy/conception

  •   Use of vasectomy

-   to prevent conception
-   to sterilise male

  •  Use of intra-uterine device (IUD)


-    to prevent contract/union of  sperm with the egg/ovum
-    to prevent conception
(e)      Factors that promote sleep

  •  well ventilated/spacious area or room
  •  wear clean/loose fitting cloth to bed
  • take bath before going to bed personal hygiene
  • neat/clean/room
  • quiet/serene environment (room)
physical exercise/activity/fatigue
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