Health Science Paper 3, Nov/Dec 2013

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General Comments


                  The  candidates’ weaknesses include their inability to

  •        correctly express themselves in simple English language
  •        write correct spellings of technical terms
  •        write legibly
  •        understand the demands of the questions asked
  •        state symptoms of skin diseases:ringworm, athelete’s foot and smallpox
  •        state functions of the secretions in digestion, bile, saliva and gastric juice
  •        name pieces of equipment used in screening auditory defects in humans
  •        state differences between a simple fracture and a complicated fracture
  •        state the equipment used to support fractured limb
  • state steps that should be taken to resuscitate a victim of asphyxia
  • give reason for the steps taken in the treatment of burns: application of cold water, dressing the affected part and application of ointment
  • properly draw the diagram to illustrate the life cycle of a mosquito
  • describe how malaria is spread
  • explain the terms: transmission route and susceptible host
  • define a pathogen
  • state advantages of exercise
  • state reasons why an individual should rest
  • mention methods for the disposal of sewage
  • differentiate between sewage and refuse
  • state reasons for the use of the following contraceptive methods: condom, vasectomy and intra-uterine device.

                 The following remedies were suggested to overcome these weaknesses:

  •         Candidates should read extensively to improve  their grasp of the  English

-           Subject experts (teachers) should teach the subject (Health Science)
       -           Candidates should make use of dictionaries to improve their spellings
-           Candidates should endeavour to read questions properly   
            for proper understanding before answering the questions.

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