Literature-In-English Paper 2, May/June 2013  
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General Comments
Question 12

Examine the case against astrologers in “Upon an Honest Man’s Fortune”

  • The poet debunks the claim of astrologers to read positions and movements of stars and use them in fortune telling.
  • He reminds them that it is fate, not stars that determine events in people’s lives.
  • He argues that fate is God-ordained and above human knowledge – nobody can know the destiny of another person.
  • He considers astrologers as impostors in their trade of duping people who are worried about various issues of danger position, love etc.
  • He further argues that God who made the stars does not reveal the secret of stars to anybody.
  • He reminds them of the failure of their fellows in Egypt to stand God in their confrontation with Moses.
  • He dismisses them as “blind” and “drunken” charlatans.
  • He finally condemns them as useless liars since man is already divinely equipped to achieve his set goals.

Most of the candidates attempted the question and their performance was fair

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