Literature-In-English Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 1

    A Woman in Her Prime                                                     

    What role does tradition play in the relationship between Pokuwaa and her mother?


Many candidates attempted this question, though, they failed to show that the mother-daughter relationship had its basis on the Ghanaian matrilineal inheritance that the offspring of sons belong to the family of the sons’ wives.

The following points were expected from the candidates:

  • Despite having five sons with children, it is to Pokuwaa that her mother looks for her grandchildren.
  • Being old and a custodian of their traditional beliefs, Pokuwaa’s mother supervises the offering to the river god, Tano.
  • She closely directs Pokuwaa’s observances of the rites concerning her search for a child.

    Candidates’ performance in this question was fair.