Literature-In-English Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 6

Lord of the Flies

Consider Ralph as the hero in the novel.


Many candidates attempted this question. However, some of them dwelt on Ralph’s character rather than his heroic attributes.

The following points should be well developed by the candidates:

  • Ralph is the first among the boys to emerge from the creepers. He finds a conch and is taught to blow it by Piggy. He asserts that it is only he who has the conch that has the permission to speak.
  • He initiates the democratic process of electing a leader and is thus elected when he squarely beats Jack in the leadership contest.
  • He begins to work out the strategy for their survival on the island and their eventual rescue in earnest.
  • In spite of Jack’s antagonism, he remains cool-headed and runs an inclusive administration by conceding the choir boys’ leadership to Jack so that he can come on board.
  • He courageously defends Piggy as much as he can against the unwarranted brutality of Jack.

    Candidates’ performance was fair.