Literature-In-English Paper 3, Nov/Dec. 2014  
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General Comments

Question 1

Compare the characters of Mr. Onyimdze and Mr Borofosem.


The following points were expected from the candidates:

  1. Both characters once lived in England;
  2. Both characters belonged to the educated class;
  3. Mr. Onyimdze is a young  barrister who dispenses his judgement with

truth and fair play;

  1. Mr Borofosem is a merchant who lacks the sense of decision and right judgement, which is reflected on his unstable attitude as  he is being tossed about by the wife’s outrageous behaviour;
  2. Mr. Onyimdze’s presentation in the play as a custodian of African culture, who, not minding his British education still has value for  traditional  code of conduct;
  3. Mr Borofosem is a henpecked husband who allows his wife to direct what he does in the matrimonial home;
  4. Mr. Onyimdze wins  a bigamy case in favour of Miss Tsiba who is bewitched by foreign system of marriage;
  5. Mr. Onyimdze not only protects traditional values against western encroachment, but also brings back all the anglicised characters including Mr Borofosem to appreciate their culture.

Most of the candidates that attempted the question gave the required points and scored good marks. 

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