Marketing May/June 2015

Question 5

  • (a)        What is merchandising?
    (b)        Mention four merchandising activities.
    (c)        State seven functions of merchandising.


Candidates handled the definition of merchandising very well. They also did well in listing the different merchandising activities. However, candidates were unable to do justice to the question on the functions of merchandising. Some of the answers expected for 5(c) include:

(i)         It informs buyers about the existence of a product.
(ii)        It attracts buyer to patronize a particular product.
(iii)        It reminds buyers about the existence of a product.
(iv)        It facilitates product positioning.
(v)        It encourages impulse buying of company’s product.
(Vi)       It promotes effective shelf arrangement.
(vii)       It encourages customers’ loyalty.
(viii)      It assists in gathering information about products.