Marketing May/June 2015

Candidates' Weaknesses

Some of the weaknesses observed in the candidates’ scripts were:

-           Candidates’ lack of good understanding of the subject as a result, they could not satisfactorily attempt some of the questions.
-           Candidates could not interpret the questions to know exactly what the questions required them to do.
-           Some candidates were unable to express themselves in simple correct english that will bring out their knowledge of subject matter.


-           O’ level marketing text books should be made available to candidates preparing for the examination.
-           Qualified teachers should be employed in schools to teach the subjects.
-           Teachers should ensure that the syllabus is covered before the candidates’ seat for the examination.
-           Candidates should endeavour to lean the rules of English grammar so as to enable them express their points clearly.-           Subject teachers should teach their students how to answer question based on the way the questions were asked so as to give the required response