Metal Works 2, WASSCE (SC), 2018

Question 2


The sketch shown in Figure 1 is a set up for a metalwork operation

(A)Identify the parts labelled Q, R, S and T.

    (i)         State the function of the tool labelled R.

   (ii)        State the reason why the tool labelled R is preferred to strike the artefact.

(B)Explain the term polishing as applied in metal finishes.

(C)Sketch the buttress thread form.

(D)State one use of the buttress thread form.



Candidates had difficulty explaining polishing as applied to in metal finishes. The required responses to the question are as given below.

                        Identifying the parts labelled Q, R, S and T                                            
Q                     Vice
R                     Mallet
S                      Folding bar
T                      Work piece                           
Stating the function of R
The tool labelled R is used to strike the metal workpiece
Stating the reason why R is preferred
R is preferred in order to prevent marks, dents and damages on the finished surface of the artefact.
Explaining the term polishing as applied in metal finishes
Polishing consists of producing a smooth surface and it is usually achieved by using abrasives.

Sketching a buttress thread form.

It is generally used in transmissions to cause displacements in mechanisms.