Metal Works 2, WASSCE (SC), 2018

Question 3


(a)        Stateone workshop test each to identify the following metals:
 (i)         mild steel;
 (ii)        aluminium.

(b)        Arrange the following metals from the most ductile to the least ductile:
(i)         low carbon steel;
(ii)        copper;
(iii)       lead;
(iv)       aluminium.

(c)        Explain the following terms as used in foundry work:
(i)         gating;
(ii)        pouring.

(d)       What is fettling in casting.



The candidates had difficulty in providing correct responses the questions. The required responses are as follows:

                        Stating one workshop test each to identify the following metals
Mild steel- hammering, scratching, cutting, dropping, bending.
Aluminium- bending, hammering, dropping, cutting, scratching.
Arranging metals from most ductile to least ductile

  • copper
  • aluminium
  • low carbon steel
  • lead                                                


Explaining the following as used in foundry work
Gating: Creating a channel through which molten metal flows into the mould cavity.
Pouring is the process of filling mould with molten metal.
Defining fettling
Fettling is cutting away excess metals on castings.