Music Paper 2(ESSAY), NOV/DEC 2013  
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General Comments


QUESTION 1        


Continue the melody below to form a passage of not less than 12 and not more than 16 bars. Modulate to the dominant in the course of the passage and return to the home key.



                Few candidates were able to represent the features of the given melodic/rhythmic patterns, modulate to dominant key and returned to the home key. However, some       candidates only copied the given opening phrase and strayed off into some        combinations of musical notes which had no relationship with the opening. In such          responses, there was no modulation. The wrong responses made the candidates to lose             substantial marks. In general, candidates performance was average.

  1. Set the text below to a suitable melody. Indicate the tempo, phrasing and dynamics marks. Credit will be given for originality of the composition and proper alignment of texts to the notes.

            Sing to me a song;
            A joyous song of my heart,
            Cannot wait to feel,
            The lovely tune of your mouth.
            Most candidates were unable to set the given texts to a suitable melody.  Some      candidates assigned two or more syllables to a single pitch, while some set the text         without recognising their importance in the melody. Important text syllables were            inappropriately placed on weak beats. These led to poor performance in the question.


      Add an independent flowing part below the given melody.

            Many candidates demonstrated a poor understanding in two part writing. Candidates’      response to this question lacked independence in melodic curves/interest and    harmonic interest; phrasing and alignment were poor and final cadence could not           be        spelt out. These led to poor performance in the question.
Harmonize the melody below by adding Alto, Tenor and Bass parts.

            Candidates’ performance in this part was impressive. Although, some candidates   showed poor understanding in the final cadential progression, phrase marks and alignment. Some candidates who were unable to do this lost enormous marks.


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