Physics Paper 2, May/June. 2014  
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General Comments

Question 7

(a) State two conditions under which photo-electrons can be emitted from the surface of a metal.

(b) List two particles characteristics of electromagnetic waves.


Though a direct question it was fairly well attempted by most responding candidates.  Few candidates could hardly remember the conditions for the emission of photoelectrons or the particle characteristics of e-m waves.
             The expected answers are:
           (a)    Conditions for emission of photoelectrons
                 -     the wavelength of incident radiation must be less than the threshold wavelength of
                       metal surface
                  -     the frequency of incident radiation must be greater than the threshold frequency.

                  -     the energy of the incident photons (radiation) must be greater than the
                        Work function of the metal                                                      

                      (b)     Particle characteristics of electromagnetic waves

                   e.g -      Photoelectric effect
                         -     Thermionic emission
                         -      Radiations from heated bodies (Black body)
                         -      Emission and absorption of light  (incandescence).
                         -      Compton effect.




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