Physics Paper 2, May/June2014  
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General Comments


Observed Weaknesses of candidates include:
        -    poor manipulation of arithmetic processes;
        -    Inability to convert units correctly e.g  length in millimeter to meter; area in cm2 to m2 etc;
        -    inadequate grasp  of many basic concepts in physics;
        -    inability to interpret graphical representation of physical quantities;
        -    inability to relate acquired knowledge to real life situations;
       -     failure to correctly distinguish between static and kinetic friction;.
               -     inability to give acceptable description of laboratory experiment  
               -     poor/incomplete rendering of laws and definitions;
               -     not realizing that diagrams are as important as the explanations;
               -     difficulty in solving problems involving power of 10 (Standard forms);
               -     inability to differentiate between objects undergoing a certain type of motion and when these objects are actually in motion.
               -      language problem hence they could not understand the demands of some questions nor were they able to express themselves clearly.
       (2)  The suggested remedies were as follows:
              -     motivation of both teachers and students;
              -     ensuring adequate provision of teaching and learning materials in schools
              -     students to expend their energy studying every aspect of the syllabus
              -     teachers to emphasis the understanding of basic principles of physics
              -     teachers to stress salient points in the definition of laws and terms.
              -      WAEC, to derecognize schools without qualified teachers and well equipped laboratory.
              -     teachers should endeavour to attend coordination meetings so as to know areas to emphasize when stating laws.
              -     government /private schools to recruit qualified physics teachers
              -     teachers to stress to candidates how to make deductions from graphs.

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