Plumbing & Pipe Fitting Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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Question 1

(1)       (a)       A young school leaver is planning to set up a plumbing business.
                                    State four sources of fund available to such an individual.

                        (b)       List four types of records kept in a plumbing business.

                        (c)        Explain each of the following contract documents:

  1. bill of quantity;
  2. working drawing;
  3. forms of agreement.







This was a compulsory question for all the candidates. 
The candidates performed well in part (a) of the question but could
not give the required responses to parts (b) and (c) of the question.
The required responses to these parts are given below:

(b)       -           receipt;
            -           invoice;
            -           ledger;
            -           cash book;
            -           order form;
            -           delivery note.

(c)        (i)         This is the total estimate of a contract and it gives the
                        general term of the work and what is involved in the

            (ii)        This is a detailed drawing where all structural sections
                        and elevations of the drawing are shown.

            (iii)       This is a binding document between the client and the


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