Plumbing & Pipe Fitting Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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Question 3

(3)       (a)       Draw a section of an underground drainage pipe.
                        (b)       List three types of an underground water.

                        (c)        List the two types of cold water distribution system.

                        (d)       Explain each of the following drainage terms:
                                    (i)         cane rod;
                                    (ii)        sewer.






          This question was very difficult for the candidates as they could not
                                    provide the required responses to the various parts of the question.
                                    The required responses to the various parts of the question are given








(b)       -           spring;
                                                -           shallow well;
                                                -           deep well;
                                                -           artisan well.

                                    (c)        -           direct cold water supply
                                                -           indirect cold water supply.

                                    (d)       (i)         Cane rod:  It is a rod used for clearing blockages in drain
pipes or for rodding operation.

                                                (ii)        Sewer:  A pipe or system of pipes used to remove
human waste and to provide drainage.


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