Tourism Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2016

Candidates' Weakness

The following weaknesses were observed in the candidate's scripts:


(i) Scanty responses

Quite a good number of candidates just listed the points that were answers to the questions, even when explanations were required leading to loss of precious marks.


(ii) Misinterpretation of questions

Some candidates did not read the questions to the point of understanding before attempting them. This made such candidates wrote off point and miss precious marks.


(iii) Incomplete coverage of the syllabus

This has led to poor performance in questions on visa, international passport, economic benefits of tourism, importance of tourism marketing and travel insurance.


(iv) Poor time sharing by some candidates

Rather than sharing their time appropriately, some candidates spent much time in Section A and could not fully answer section B leading to loss of valuable marks in section B.


(v) Poor knowledge of travel documents

Candidates had little or no knowledge of travel documents such as international passport, visa, yellow card and travel insurance paper.

Suggested Remedies

The following remedies are suggested to overcome candidates' weaknesses.


(i) Full explanation of points Candidates should familiarize themselves with verbs used in questioning so as to understand the requirements of each question. This will help them to give full explanations to questions when required to avoid losing precious marks.


(ii) Proper understanding of the demands of questions It is expected that candidates understand the full demands of questions before attempting them. This will ensure that candidates are not writing off points.


(iii) Full coverage of syllabus Candidates should start reacting early enough for the examination. This will enable them to fully cover the syllabus before the examination date and facilitate better performance.


(iv) Good time sharing Candidates should apportion their time to the various sections of the paper appropriately. This will ensure that questions in all sections of the question paper are answered.


(v) Good knowledge of travel documents Candidates should study travel documents to know what they contain and their usefulness.