Visual Art Paper 1 ,May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Candidates' Weakness

Candidates' weaknesses can be summarized as follows:
1.  Misinterpretation of question
Candidates' poor knowledge of English Language caused them to misinterpret questions of are in question 7,examples where candidates deviated from the required points and question 2 where cultural and creative art were treated disjointedly.
 2. Poor spellings and expressions
Poor spellings and grammatical expressions is another major weakness obviously demonstrated by candidates.
3. Uncoordinated resp
onses to questions
Candidates could not present their responses in logical and coherent manner. Important points were de-emphasized while unimportant ones attracted much attention.
4.Lack of knowledge of West African and Western art
Candidates could not demonstrate a proper grasp of Nigerian art and they confuse the art tradition of West Africa to Nigerian art. There was a complete 112 lack of understanding of western art, as most candidates avoided such questions while the few ones that attempted responded poorly to them.

  (1) Candidates should read wide in order to improve their understanding of English Language, which will help them to improve their communication skills and engender logical presentation of facts and ideas.
(2) Teachers should anchor their teaching strictly on the syllabus and they should be encouraged to improve their knowledge of Nigerian, West African and Western art history. This would help them to teach effectively in
a proportional blend; both the practical and theoretical aspects of the subject.
(3) Candidates should not restrict the scope of their learning to Nigerian art history, but also extend it to West African and Western art, as stipulated in the syllabus.
(4)  Schools should also provide pictures or slides as teaching aids for art teachers. This will help in teaching art history effectively.

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