Visual Art Paper 1 ,May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 6

This question required candidates to
Explain five ways by which Islam has influenced the Art of West Africa.



A good number of candidates attempted this question, but most of their responses deviated from the subject matter. Candidates wrongly concentrated on Islamic worship, Jihad and the annual pilgrimage to the holy land.
Some of the expected points include:
Islam discourages the representation of li ving creature.
It encourages elaborate ornamental designs which is non-representational West Africans adopted the religion oflslam and also adopted the culture of Islam.
Some of the West African culture does not exist again because they were branded as fetish and idolatry.
Some African names were dropped and replaced with Arabic names.
Islam brought improvement to architecture e.g. building of towers and columns on buildings.
It led to the development of skilled craft-men of various categories e.g. leather work, embroidery, etc.      

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