Visual Art Paper 1 ,May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 3

Candidates were required to
Discuss the sculptural pieces of Dogon Culture of Mali with particular
reference to:
            (a)        subject-matter;
            (b)       functions;
            (c)        styles.



The question was not popular with the candidates as few of them attempted it, and perform poorly too. Most of these candidates wrongly located Dogon among Nigerian art and this led to loss of obtainable marks.
Candidates were expected to respond to the question thus:
 (a) Subject Matter
It includes T ellem and ancestral figures e.g. Primordial Couples. Figures include masks. It also includes animal figures.
The masks are used for initiation of new members into cults.
They are also used for fertility as regards agriculture.
The ancestral figures are also used for status identification e.g. to
identify royalhood/royalty/noble-rnen and highly placed men.
They are used for religious rites.
It serves as the habitation for spirits.
Used to honour the dead and dignitaries.
To protect the living ones from being harmed by the souls of dead spirits.
Animal figures are used as guardians of fields and trees.
Animal figures are used for protection against thieves.

The figures are rendered in solid cubistic or geometric forms.
The masks are highly stylized.
Carving are full of dignity as figures are made to show details.
Figures showed rigidity.
The figures have exaggerated breasts and shoulder blades.
The figures have elongated torso.
They are larger than life size e.g. Konega masks.
They are painted to differentiate the sexes.

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