Visual Art Paper 1 ,May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 8

Candidates were expected to
  (a) Define a Pyramid
  (b) Discuss the importance of pyramids to the ancient Egyptians.



This question attracted very few candidates and it was wrongly treated by most of them. Pyramids were wrongly described as a house built for the relaxation of the nobles and kings. They could not indicate the significance of the Pyramid.
The points not stated by candidates included:
(a)A pyramid is a structure which has a square base and triangular sloping sides that meet at the apex.
A granite stone structure with four triangular sides on a square base built by the ancient Egyptians as a burial place for the Pharaohs.

(b)The Pyramids were principally erected as tombs for Pharaohs, Nobles and members of the royal family.
The Pyramids reinforce the Egyptians' belief in life after death as it was constructed for keeping the dead kings and their art works. There were internal rooms/apartments and chambers to cater for the various treasures and activities of the Pharaohs. The walls contained paintings, sculptures and hieroglyphics depicting their activities, which were to help in their journey to the world beyond. The mummified body was placed in the coffins and then buried in the mastaba, which was the burial chamber within the pyramid. Helps to highlight the dexterity and the uniqueness of the Egyptians in architecture.

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