Visual Art Paper 1 ,May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 5

Candidates were requested to

Discuss the figure above under the following:
(a) identification, (b) medium, (c) function, (d) features.



This question attracted a few candidates, most of who identified the illustrated figure wrongly, and also located it wrongly in Ife, even with its obvious Benin art features. The medium was also wrongly cited as clay.
Candidates were expected to respond to the question thus:
(a) Identification
Figure of Oba of Benin/Benin head

(b) Medium
Produced in bronze

Used as a sign ofroyal rank.
Used as ancestral figure to identify the oba.
Specially used for royal celebration.
Used to be placed on the royal ancestral shrines or altars as ritual objects.

Life size head.
Naturalistic styl e.
High collar of coral (denoting royalty).
Heavily ornamented.
Eye widely opened.
Heavily beaded crown.
Prominent marks on the forehead.
Executed with the use of eire-perdue technique.

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