Visual Art Paper 1 ,May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 4

Candidates were expected to

Write notes on the contributions of Paleolithic man to the development of art.


This question was very unpopular with candidates. Most of the few candidates that was attracted to it had a poor attempt as they failed to relate the activities of the Paleolithic man to art.

The following are some of the points that were expected to be stated by candidates:
He introduced art of painting by painting on the walls of the caves.
He invented colours e.g. The use of blood as red, juice ofleaves as green, charcoal as black.
He had helped in the areas of colour mixture by mixing various earth colours with animal fats which he used as paint or crayon.
He had opened our eyes to see how we can use very cheap and common materials in place of costly materials e.g. bones of animals as reed pen and animal hair as brushes.
He introduced engraving tools like flints to the art of sculpture.
He helped in the introduction of imaginative drawing.
Artists of today are building on the experience of the Paleolithic man e.g. The use of juxtaposition (done side by side) or superimposition (i.e. placed over each other).
He introduced realism/naturalism styles into art.
He introduced the depiction of contours in figure drawing.
In the area of sculpture, he introduced low relief: in the round or miniatures.
He started both two and three dimensional arts. 

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