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Agricultural Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Question 5

  1. (a)  (i)   What is seed viability?          [ 2 marks]
    (ii)    State three characteristics of good quality seeds.   [ 3 marks]
    (b) (i)   Name the causal organism of blackpod disease of cocoa.      [ 1 mark ]
    (ii)   State two symptoms of the disease referred to in 5(b)(i).   [ 2 marks]
    (iii)     State the mode of transmission of the disease referred to in 5 (b)(i).[ 2 marks]
    (c)      List two features of weed seeds dispersed by:
    (i)     animal;
    (ii)     wind;
    (iii)    water.        [ 6 marks]


 This question was popular with the candidates.  In 5 a(i) and (ii), majority of the candidates could not define seed viability and state characteristics of good quality seeds.
However, in 5 b( i-iii), many candidates were able to name the causal organism of blackpod disease of cocoa, state symptoms and mode of transmission of blackpod disease of cocoa.  Further to this, in 5(c), majority of the candidates were able to list features of weeds dispersed by animal, wind and water.
The expected answers include:
Meaning  of Seed Viability
Seed viability is the ability of seeds to germinate under the appropriate weather and soil conditions.
Characteristics of good quality seeds
-    They should be pure, that is, free from all seeds of  other varieties
-     They should germinate rapidly in order to ensure strong and vigorous seedlings
-    They should be uniform in size and shape
-     They should not contain noxious weed seeds
-     They should contain no insects, insect eggs or disease spores in or on the seeds
-    They should be free of stones, chaff or other forms of foreign matter
-    They should be whole/unbroken/entire

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