Agriculture Paper 2, WASSCE (SC), 2016

Question 2

  1.  What is farm surveying?                                                                                 [ 2 marks ]
  1. State four disadvantages of electrical power.                                                [ 4 marks ]


 (c)      Give four reasons why farm machines should be maintained.                      [ 4 marks ]                                               

 (d)    Define the term land as used in agriculture.                                                   [ 2 marks ]

 (e)    Explain briefly how each of the following factors affects land availability for agriculture:
(i)  population pressure;
(ii) mining;
(iii) topography.                                                                                            [ 6 marks ]


This question was fairly attempted by the candidates. In 2(a-c), majority of the candidates were able to define the term farm surveying and state the disadvantages of electrical power but they could not give the reasons why farm machines should be maintained. Also, though most of the candidates were able to define the term land but they could not explain how population pressure, mining and topography affect land availability for agriculture as required in 2(d) and 2(e) respectively.

The expected answers include:
2(c)      Reasons why farm machines should be maintained

            -           To ensure efficient functioning of the machines
-           To prolong the life span of the machines
-           To avoid accidents during farm operations
-           To avoid frequent breakdown of farm machines
-           To enhance salvage value of farm machines/ reduce depreciation of farm      
machines/ to reduce rusting

 (e)       Explanation of how factors affect land availability for agriculture
(i)     Population pressure

  • This increases the demand for land for construction of houses, roads and other infrastructure
  • Increases demand for land for social amenities such as schools, hospitals, religious and recreational activities

(ii)     Mining

  • Extraction of minerals such as gold, coal, limestone etc reduce land availability for agriculture
  • Wastes produced by mining industries if not properly disposed, make land unsuitable for agriculture

(iii)     Topography

  • Gentle slopes/flat lands are suitable for agricultural purposes since they are less prone to erosion
  • Slopes or undulating lands are not suitable for agriculture as much cost will be incurred in controlling erosion