Agriculture Paper 2, WASSCE (SC), 2016

Candidates' Weakness

Candidates were unable to:

  • suggest possible solutions to the problems of agricultural development such as inadequate land, inadequate finance and incidence of diseases;
  • - give reasons why farm machines should be maintained;
  • - explain how population pressure, mining and topography affect land availability for agriculture;
  • - state the reasons for parboiling paddy rice;
  • - state the advantages and disadvantages of taungya farming;
  • - explain the systems of mating in livestock management;
  • - draw and label the digestive tract of a hen;
  • - define agricultural insurance;
  • - explain different types of insurance policies for agricultural production such as         

 specific enterprise insurance, fire insurance and life assurance.

Based on the observed weaknesses the Chief Examiners recommended as follow:

  • Aspects of the syllabus such as farm mechanization/Agricultural engineering,  crop and animal production, agricultural economics amongst others should be covered by teachers with particular emphasis on the new areas of the syllabus;
  • Teachers should teach the students with appropriate diagrams where necessary;
  • Teachers should emphasize the acquisition of practical skills in the subject; and
  • Only graduates of Agricultural Science/Agriculture should be allowed to teach the subject in Senior Secondary Schools in West Africa.