Agriculture Paper 2, WASSCE (SC), 2016

Question 3

  1.   Explain the term staking in yam cultivation.                                                 [ 3 marks ]
  2.    Describe the nursery practices in cocoa cultivation.             [ 5 marks ]
  3.    State five reasons for parboiling paddy rice.                                                [ 5 marks ]
  4.    State three advantages and two disadvantages of taungya farming.           [ 5 marks ]


    This question was fairly attempted by the candidates. Majority of them were able to explain the term staking in yam cultivation as well as describe the nursery practices in cocoa cultivation as required in 3(a-b). But most of them could neither state the reasons for parboiling paddy rice nor state the advantages and disadvantages of taungya farming as required of them in 3(c-d).

The expected answers include:
3 (c)     Reasons for parboiling paddy rice
-        To harden the grains
-        To loosen the husk
-        To reduce breakage of grains during milling
-        To make dehusking easier
-        To improve the resistance of grains to storage pests
-        To enable the grains absorb vitamin B and proteins in the bran during soaking
-        To improve storability of rice grains                                                 

 (d)      Advantages and disadvantages of taungya farming

  • Varieties of crops are harvested
  • When leguminous crops are used, the beneficial effect of root nodules increases soil fertility for the forest trees
  • The young forest trees receive attention from the farmer
  • Increases income of the farmer
  • Where land is scarce, the farmer has a piece of land to cultivate
  • Ensures effective weed control
  • Creates employment                                                                           


  • The forestry sector may be reluctant to release their fertile land to farmers
  • There is competition for space, light, water and nutrients between arable crops and trees
  • Choice of crops to be planted is restricted to arable crops
  • Labour intensive because the system cannot be mechanized
  • Trees may harbour pests/disease pathogens of crops                               
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