Agriculture Paper 2, November/December 2016

Candidate's Strength

   The candidates were able to:

  • state the differences between subsistence and commercial farming;
  • define agricultural ecology;
  • state the sources of pollution of agricultural lands and fish ponds;
  • define farm surveying;
  • state the disadvantages of electrical power;
  • define the term land as used in agriculture;
  • explain the term staking in yam cultivation;
  • describe the nursery practices in cocoa cultivation;
  • give the reasons why ornamental plants are important;
  • discuss the process of egg formation in hen;
  • mention examples of print and electronic media used in disseminating agricultural extension messages;
  • state the advantages of group method of agricultural extension;
  • explain the term assembling as a marketing function;
  • state the symptoms and control measures of maize streak as well as groundnut rosette.