Agriculture Paper 2, WASSCE (PC 2ND), 2018

Question 1

(a)  State seven ways in which agriculture is important to the economy of West Africa.

(7 marks)


(b)  Give two advantages of each of the following sources of farm power:
(i)    internal combustion engine;
(ii)   electricity;
(iii)  wind.                                                                                                                        (6 marks)

(c)  State five operations in poultry production which could be carried out through the use of
electrical power.                                                                                                                    (5 marks)



  1. This question was most popular among candidates. Majority of candidates were able to state the importance of agriculture to the West African economy.

  2. However, some candidates misconstrued wind power to air in motion in question 4(b).

  3. Some candidates could not differentiate between the disadvantages and the advantages of the sources of farm power.

The expected answers include:

1. (a)    Importance of agriculture to the economy of West Africa          

  • Source of food;
  • Source of income;
  • Source of employment;
  • Provides market for industrial goods such as agrochemicals, machines;
  • Provides raw materials for industries e.g. textile industry;
  • Provides means of foreign exchange/revenue;
  • Source of medicinal herbs;
  • Source of materials for shelter;
  • Facilitates rural development/social amenities;
  • Provision of facilities for recreation and tourism.

(b)    Disadvantages of sources of farm power
(i)    Internal combustion engine

  • It is very expensive to maintain;

                  -     Smoke from engines pollute the air;

  • Heavy machine compacts the soil;
  • Expensive to purchase;
  • Requires much technical know-how to operate and maintain;
  • It depends on fuel which may not be readily available.

(ii)  Electricity

  • Its supply is erratic;
  • Could be dangerous if not properly/carefully handled;
  • High cost of installation/maintenance;
  • It cannot be widely used in field operations;
  • Could cause fire outbreak;
  • It requires technical know-how.

(iii) Wind

  • Its supply is erratic/uncertain/cannot be controlled
  • Its use is limited to certain farm operations
  • It cannot be stored
  • High technical expertise to harness/maintain;
  • Noise pollution.                                                                                              


(c)   Operations that could be carried out in poultry production through the use of
electrical power

  • Hatching of eggs                                 -      Debeaking
  • Defeathering/plucking of feathers      -      Automated feeding
  • Incubation                                           -      Automated watering
  • Candling                                             -      Feed pelleting
  • Brooding/warming                               -      Feed milling
  • Drying of poultry feedstuffs                 -      Sexing
  • Egg grading                                        -       Manure scrapping
  • Lighting                                               -       Automated slaughtering
  • Automated egg collection/packaging