Agriculture Paper 2, WASSCE (PC 2ND), 2018


Majority of the candidates were unable to:

  • explain crop rotation and mixed farming;
  • state the advantages of crop rotation and mixed farming;
  • state the differences between the digestive system of a goat and a chicken;
  • explain the types of soil water;
  • complete the table on animal diseases
  • describe the cultivation of maize;
  • describe selected farm records;
  • state the characteristics of igneous rocks;
  • attempt calculation questions on demand and supply;
  • state the unit of quantity in questions on calculations.


     Based on the observed weaknesses the Chief Examiners recommended as follows:

  • Adequate coverage of the syllabus. Aspects of the syllabus such as farm mechanization/Agricultural engineering, crop and animal production, agricultural economics amongst others should be covered with particular emphasis on the new areas of the syllabus;
  • Candidates should be exposed to questions on calculations in agricultural science;  
  • Candidates should be exposed to appropriate diagrams in  agricultural science;
  • The acquisition of practical skills in the subject through school farms, field visits, excursion;
  • Exposure of candidates to technical terms used in Agriculture;
  • Candidates should write legibly and concisely;
  • Candidates should always state the unit of quantity when attempting questions on calculations.