Civic Education Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2018

Question 1

(a)        Definition of orderliness
(b)        Ways of exhibiting orderliness in the society


This was a popular question. The performance of most of the candidates who answered it was good as they understood demands of the question. Candidates did not do well in the (b) part of the question and they scored low marks because they were unable to relate and give examples of how orderliness can be exhibited in the society. Some wrote about orderliness in terms of mere physical arrangement rather write it in relation to the phenomenon of the social life.

Also, the failure of candidates in giving full explanations of points they mentioned attributed to the reason candidates were unable to get the maximum mark for this question.  The (b) part required full explanation and some of the candidates felt short and could only make skeletal explanations. Some of the points candidates were expected to provide in b includes;

  1. Joining queues
  2. Following due process
  3. Orderly conduct in public places/decorum
  4. Peaceful co-existence
  5. Tolerance
  6. Obeying traffic regulations
  7. Obedience to constituted authorities
  8. Orderly conduct of examinations/avoidance of examination malpractices
  9. Peaceful conduct of examinations
  10. Attentiveness in interpersonal/intergroup communication
  11. Avoidance of nepotism/favoritism
  12. Peaceful or orderly conduct in public protests/demonstrations
  13. Peaceful electioneering campaign or other forms of political participation
  14. Avoiding taking the law into ones hands/jungle justice
  15. Respecting the views/rights of others
  16. Reporting crimes and criminals in the society
  17. By exhibiting discipline in private and public conducts.