Civic Education Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2018

Question 8

Ways illiteracy can be a challenge to popular participation in democracy.


This question was not popular. The candidates that attempted it showed lack of understanding of ways illiteracy can be a challenge to popular participation in democratic state.  They were unable to point out that illiteracy can lead to bad leaders assuming the position of leaderships and thus, bad governance. Points candidates were expected to give are outlined below;

  1. Inability of illiterate citizens to read and write
  2. Ignorance about democratic political process
  3. Negative attitude towards democratic political process
  4. Wrong perception of democratic political process
  5. Development ofa sense of inferiority complex
  6. Illiteracy makes voters to be vulnerable to negative forms of political participation such as thuggery
  7. It prevents some citizens from contesting elections
  8. It encourages some illiterates to participate in political thuggery
  9. It prevents illiterate voters from effective participation in governance
  10. It prevents illiterates from knowing and enforcing their political rights