Civic Education Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2018

Question 7

(a)  Ways citizens demonstrate political apathy.
(b)  Reason for political apathy.


This question was attempted by majority of the candidates and their performance in this question was tremendous in both parts. They were able to use the activities of the contemporary society to relate to factors that can lead to political apathy. Additional points candidates could have added includes;


  1. Unwillingness to form/join or support political parties
  2. Unwillingness to attend political party activities such as rallies, campaigns, etc.
  3. Indifference to government activities and programmes
  4. Refusal to participate in protests/demonstrations on public issues
  5. Non-involvement in political debates/discussions
  6. Refusal to criticize unpopular government policies, programmes and officials
  7. Refusal to contest elective positions/take up political appointments


  1. Religious beliefs
  2. Political god-fatherism.
  3. Illiteracy/ignorance
  4. Biased electoral umpire/officials
  5. Lack of judicial independence in handling election matters
  6. Poor democratic political culture
  7. Inadequate political socialization
  8. Frequent military intervention/long period of military rule
  9. Wrong perception of politics/seeing politics as evil/dirty
  10. Political corruption/monetization of politics
  11. Unemployment