Cosmestology Paper 2, WASSCE (SC), 2017

Candidates' Weakness

        The candidates’ weaknesses include
-    Wrong spellings of technical terms e.g. niddle, tread, tred, scisor instead of a needle, thread, and scissor.
 -   interchange explanation to definition e.g. ringworm, dandruff, moist and dry heat.
-    Wrong interpretation of some concepts e.g. weavon as a strand of weavon instead of the weavon strand; tinting brush to colour hair.
-    Use of local language and concept to answer some questions.
The following solutions were proffered to overcome those weaknesses;
       Teachers should    -     endeavor to give class work;
-       encourage students by giving them an assignment.  
                                     -      check candidates’ spellings regularly and use subject terminology

        Students should     -    make sure the spellings of technical terms are correct;
-    use available textbooks.