GSM Phone Maintenance & Repair Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 1


(a) List three tools that may be used to dismantle a GSM phone.
                                (b) State three advantages of using appropriate dismantling tools for GSM phone repairs.



This question required an understanding of the various dismantling tools for GSM phone              repair and the advantages of using appropriate dismantling tools.  Although it was well          attempted by majority of the candidates, few could not give the advantages as requested.

            The expected answers are:

            (a)        Dismantling tools

                        Any correct 3
                        e.g.      -           tweezers
                                    -           (precision) set of screw driver
                                    -           flat small knife/spatula
                                    -           nose pliers
                                    -           mobile phone opener

            (b)        Advantages of dismantling tools     
                        Any correct       3
                        e.g.      -           saves time
                                    -           prevents rupture of opening lines
                                    -           prevents breaking/cracking of casing
                                    -           prevents generation of additional problems

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