GSM Phone Maintenance & Repair Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 5


  (a) State three ways to prevent a SIM card from damage.
(b) What is a flash drive?


This question was popular among the candidates but the part (b) was fairly well     attempted.  Few candidates gave poor description of the flash drive and some left out salient fact about the flash drive.           
The expected answers are:

  (a)        SIM Card Damage                                                                                       
        Any correct 3   e.g.      -           avoid water/moisture/liquid entering the phone
                                                -           avoid scratching the chip (gold foil) surface/interface
                                                -           avoid falling/dropping of phones
                                                -           avoid breakage/bending/cracking
                                                -           avoid frequent removal from phone
                                                -           correct insertion

  (b)        Flash drive
A device for storing , and transferring information/data,from a computer to other electronic devices and vice verse.

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