GSM Phone Maintenance & Repair Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 6
  • (a)  List three phone accessories.
  • (b) State the function of each of the accessories.

Generally candidates performed well in this question.  However, some candidates committed spelling errors.  The function of casing to protect main board/keyboard/        keypad of the phone did not appear to be well understood y some responding candidates.
                        (a)        Accessories
                                    Any correct 3 x 1 mark
                                    e.g.      -           Headphone/Handsfree
                                                -           Casing/Housing
                                                -           Charger/desktop charger
                                                -           Battery
                                                -           External Bluetooth
                                                -           USB cable
                                                -           Screen guard
                                                -           Memory cards
                        (b)        Functions
                                    e.g.      Casing   -  to protect mainboard/keyboard/keypad of the phone      
                                                Desktop Charger   -    to charge phone battery when charging port                                                                                       is faulty/alternative charging device
                                                Battery   -  source of voltage supply to the main board and screen
                                                External Bluetooth  -  to receive calls when phone is few meters                                                                                          away from receiver/handsfree to receive                                                                                            calls
                                                USB Cable  -  charging phone battery/receiving/transferring data                                                                             to/from phone
                                                Screen Guard  -  to protect LCD surface from scratching

                                                Memory Cards  -  to store information/files
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