GSM Phone Maintenance & Repair Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 4


  • (a) List the three sections of a mobile phone circuit board.
  • (b)  Mention one component in each of the sections list in 4(a) above.

This question sought candidates understanding of the phone circuit board and the components         therein.   Most candidates that attempted this question got it wrong.
                        The expected answers are
                        (a)        Sections
                                                -           Coordinating section.
                                    -           Reception section.
                                    -           Transmission section.
                        (b)        Components
                                    Coordinating section   -           C.P.U., power IC, audio IC,
                                                                                    charging IC, etc.
                                    Reception section        -           RF 1C, Rx filter etc,  

                                    Transmission section   -           RF 1C, Tx filter, Network IC, antenna                                                                                              switch etc.

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