Government Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments

Some of the perceived candidates' weaknesses were as follows:
(1)Poor knowledge of the subject-matter
Many candidates demonstrated poor knowledge of the subject-matter which was evident in their responses to some of the questions.
(2) Sketchy Answers
Many candidates failed to expatiate their points which resulted in loss of substantial marks.
(3)Poor usage of English Language
Majority of the candidates presented their answers in bad English. This prevented them from articulating their opinion properly. The above weaknesses could be ameliorated if the following steps are taken:                                                      .
Candidates should endeavour to read and understand good textbooks in Government;
teachers should inculcate the habit of explaining points in their students;
candidates should be encouraged to read newspapers, rnaqazines. etc in order to improve their use of English.

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