Government Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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Question 4

(a) Identify the two political rights of citizens of a State.
(b)Give four ways of safeguarding the political rights.


This question was fairly popular with the candidates. Majority of the candidates that attempted the question did not have problems with the (a) part. They were able to state political rights such as: to vote and to be voted
for; peaceful assembly; to hold public office, etc. They were handsomely rewarded for this.
However, the (b) part of the question was a hard nut to crack for the candidates. They hardly remembered the ways of safeguarding the political rights. This shortcoming dwindled the overall candidates' performance.
Some of the ways of safeguarding political rights left out completely by candidates in their answers included:
respect for the principle of rule of law;
respect for international laws and conventions;
free press;
adherence to the doctrine of separation of powers and checks and balances;
independent, well-equipped and corrupt-free law enforcement agents, etc

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