Government Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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Question 7

(a)What is protectorate?
(b) Identify any five limitations to the powers of the Governor in the colonial administration of Nigeria before the Second World War.


This was a very unpopular question as majority of the candidates did not answer it. Those who did performed poorly in it. They could neither define protectorate nor identify the limitations on the powers of the Governor. These shortcomings accounted for very low general performance in the question.
Candidates were expected to define protectorate as an area over which British government had a.cquired the right to govern by treaty without being ruled directly as a colony. Some of the points expected from candidates in (b) part included:
decisions of the Governor were subject to the approval of the Secretary of State·for the colonies;
British monarch could disallow colonial ordinances;
Orders-in-Council and Acts of.British Parliament;
influence of the British public opinion;
activities of the nationalists, etc.

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